Hedging & Pruning:

http://hedgecuttingcork.ie/Careful and regular hedging, pruning and trimming of your garden is essential to its maintenance and includes roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees. This service also includes the removal of small shrubs and trees. For large jobs DL Services have qualified tree surgeon who is very experienced in both commercial and domestic tree services. All services and prices quoted include the removal of all cuttings. Neatly trimmed and maintained hedges will only enhance the appearance and appeal of your property.




http://hedgecuttingcork.ie/Pollarding is an ancient tree management technique that needs to start early in a trees life. Pollarding involves pruning back branches at the same points on regular intervals to form pollard heads which store energy. Pollarding encourages the tree to produce new growth on a regular basis.

Pollard trees gain a longer life than normal trees because of being maintained at a younger age and do not have to deal with the weight and wind stress which the top of the tree would normally create. If you would like one of our tree surgeons to visit you


 Planting Hedging & Trees:

http://hedgecuttingcork.ie/DL Landscaping have experience in sourcing plants and trees for all your gardening needs. If you require a complete make over of your borders or just revamping areas of your garden, we can help. We can advise and supply any type of tree, hedge or shrubs for screening.

We also supply individual specimen plants to your requirements. Trees and shrubs can be bought from small to extremely large ones. We can source any plants to fit your budget.


Stump Grinding:

http://hedgecuttingcork.ie/We offer a specialist tree stump removal service with highly qualified and experienced operatives. Our modern equipment provides safe removal of tree stumps with the minimum ground disturbance. We offer stump grinding for all shapes and sizes of tree stumps.

We can provide full removal of stumps and roots, or partial removal to allow ground to be used for any purpose. Commercial and domestic works undertaken. Call us about stump grinding.


Hedge & Tree Reductions:

http://hedgecuttingcork.ie/Our team of tree surgeons have a vast amount of experience in tree reductions and are able to review your tree at your convinience. When reviewing your tree we will take into account the positioning of your tree and the best way to reduce it to make your tree natural and an attractive feature of the area it is in.

We cut your tree back to their natural growing points, to ensure minimal disrution to the trees growing structure. We will also remove all debris for you and leave the area clean and safe. Call us about tree reductions.

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Hedge cutting service